It’s almost over and we have so many feelings! To help calm our fears and anxieties we asked our team of writers for an updated list of predictions… here are our favorites!

1. Lois shakes Hal awake from a fever dream. Late for work, he runs to the kitchen in his underwear to make coffee. Gets tarred and feathered. “Malcolm!!!” @BadTheaterFest

2. Todd and his uncle find Walt’s barrels of money, spend it all on extra lives in Candy Crush. @Garbagetweetz

3. Huell remains in as much imminent danger as everyone involved in the shootout, purely because of his BMI, blood pressure, insulin levels, etc. @WiseguyPictures

4. Next week’s episode focuses solely on Baby Holly’s shenanigans in a “Baby’s Day Out” parody. Hilarity ensues and Vince Gilligan makes us wait another week to find out what happens. @Dana_Angelo

5. In a final stand-off, Marie and Walt duke it out in the Nazi meth lab. She slips, falls into a vat. Walt gets a one-off yield of purple meth. Everyone else lives happily ever after. @BadTheaterFest

Here are my other predictions. But seriously, where did Holly go after Walt ran out of A1A with her?

1. We discover Walt had Holly in the backseat of his car during his mad rush to the desert. And during the shootout she, well, dies. Innocence is dead. On the bright side, that’s one less kid who’s college he has to pay for.

2. Junior discovers the one thing he loves more than breakfast is customer service and clean cars. He goes on to successfully franchise A1A after his parents’ deaths.

3. After Hank’s death during the shootout, Marie goes all The Bride from “Kill Bill” and vows to kill Walter. After all the times he’s narrowly escaped death, he ends up with a stiletto heel in the back of his head while he sleeps.

4. Or, if Hank survives the shootout, he develops an affinity for Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio. He decides to devote his life to the innocence and purity of the cartoon cat and moves to Japan, even though he hates using chopsticks.

5. Walt and Jesse, relieved to be the two survivors of the shootout, embrace and all is forgotten. Then Todd regains life long enough to fulfill Walt’s wishes and kill Jesse. Todd’s the worst.